We were recently asked by a Delorean Parts specialist if we were willing to manufacture a full aftermarket performance exhaust system in stainless steel. This was a request that we couldn’t pass up and we relished the chance to work on such an iconic car from the ’80s.
After researching, manufacturing, costing and designing new tooling, we agreed on quantities and prices and then we were ready to get started. The next step was to get a car in for fitting and Chris from Stoke was more than happy to supply his for the Max Torque Cans treatment. His car was a great example in good condition and it was a pleasure to work on and around. The first task was to make the 3 into 1 collector for each side of the V6 engine. The hard part of this task was the tricky angle bends of the pipework and ensuring that they all finished in the same direction.
Once this was achieved we moved on to making the 3 into 1 pressing which is the section which joins the 3 pipes and attaches them to the next link pipe section.
After this, all that was left to do was to develop the 2 link pipe sections and connect them to the rear back box. Finally, the rear silencer box was developed to silence most of the noisy resonations, but at the same time, maintain a deep tone across all of the rev range and what a lovely sound this iconic car now produced!
We really enjoyed the challenge from start to finish and the feedback from the owner and the Delorean Parts specialist gave us great job satisfaction.
Since this project was completed we are now looking into manufacturing further parts and we hope to have another Delorean in our workshop in the not too distant future.
For further details and prices of the full system.

Please see the Delorean parts specialist website



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