BMW G310GS 2018-2020

The BMW G310GS is a lightweight adventure bike that was first introduced in 2018. Designed for riders who want the versatility and capabilities of an adventure bike without the bulk and weight, the G310GS is a highly capable and fun-to-ride motorcycle.

At the heart of the G310GS is a 313cc single-cylinder engine that produces 34 horsepower and 21 lb-ft of torque, providing plenty of power for both on and off-road riding. The bike also features a six-speed transmission and a slipper clutch that make it easy to ride and control.

One of the standout features of the G310GS is its lightweight and agile design. The bike weighs just 374 pounds, making it easy to maneuver and handle in tight spaces and on challenging terrain. The bike also features long-travel suspension and a high ground clearance that allow it to tackle off-road obstacles with ease.

The G310GS also boasts a stylish and modern design that sets it apart from other adventure bikes in its class. The bike features a distinctive beak-like front fender, a sleek fuel tank, and a comfortable and upright riding position that makes it ideal for both short and long rides.

In terms of technology, the G310GS comes equipped with a full-color TFT display that provides riders with all the essential information they need while riding. The bike also features LED lighting and ABS brakes that provide precise control and safety in all riding conditions.

Overall, the BMW G310GS is a highly capable adventure bike that offers riders an exceptional riding experience both on and off the road. With its lightweight and agile design, powerful engine, modern styling, and advanced technology, it is a top choice for riders who want a versatile and capable adventure bike that is both fun and easy to ride.

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