Kawasaki ZR900RS Cafe 2022′ – 23′ Stainless De-cat exhaust pipe C/W clamp & shield brackets


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Kawasaki Z900 RS Model 2022′ onwards De-cat exhaust pipe

T304 Stainless C/W clamp and Heat shield brackets.

This Listing is for a CNC Mandrel bent 2″ link pipe to fit where you have cut your standard box off.

This new de-cat pipe does not need welding and comes with a new clamp to re fix it, still keeping the exhaust 02 sensor in the front Down-pipes.

Your rear silencer can be standard or aftermarket and they will fit exactly the same as before but without the large , ugly , heavy and restrictive cat box.

The standard cat box weighs 4.33 KGs.

And the aftermarket De-Cat pipe weighs 0.7 KGs

Saving 3.6 KGs

Plus if you have a road-legal exhaust fitted , removing the cat box will still be MOT Passable , as bikes are noise tested , not emission tested .

This will not fit the Earlier 2018 – 2021 model Z900 RS

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2022- Kawasaki Z900rs de cat pipe

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3D View

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