Suzuki GSXR 600 / 750 L1-L9 Performance Stainless De-Cat Pipe


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The Exhaust /De-Cat pipe that is stated in the item title.

1 x Stainless T304 Grade De-Cat pipe

This exhaust comes complete with everything you will need to fit straight to the standard CUT OEM downpipes.

—-  Tools needed after removal of Headers  —-

Grinder with cutting Disc

Mig or Tig Welder

This De-Cat pipe needs to be fitted by someone with workshop experience.

Pics are supplied to show where to cut after the system has been removed from the bike. 

Please cut the outer sleeve of the downpipe ( leaving the inner cat intact)

Hold the headers in a vice ( before the lambda sensor boss)                        

Pull the rear section from the front, with up-down-side-wards motions               

Clean between the inner and outer downpipe sleeves                                   

replace the new de-cat pipe with headers on the bike and weld back in  

the correct position with the standard rear silencer to make sure of a perfect fit.


Click on the link below for pics


Suzuki GSR 750 DE-Cat




3D View

Please click on the exhaust below to see the 3D model

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